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Cementitious Grouts

10 Products in this Category

Product Description
Construction Grout (MasterFlow 100) General construction, mineral-aggregate, non-shrink grout.
Embeco 885 Grout (MasterFlow 885) High-precision, nonshrink metallic-aggregate grout with extended working time
Masterflow 555 Grout Masterflow® 555 Semi-fluid, nonshrink mineral-aggregate grout.
Masterflow 648 CP Grout (MasterFlow 640) MASTERFLOW® 648 CP High-Strength Foundation Grout
Masterflow 648 CP Plus Grout Kit (MasterFlow 648) Masterflow 648 CP Plus Grout Kit High-strength, high-temperature, high-flow epoxy grout.
Masterflow 928 MASTERFLOW® 928 High-precision mineral-aggregate grout with extended working time.
SikaGrout® 212 SikaGrout® 212 is a High performance, cementitious grout.
SikaGrout® 328 SikaGrout® 328 is a High performance, precision, grout with extended working time.
SikaSet® Plug SikaSet® Plug is a Fast-setting, portland-cement water-stop.
Waterplug (MasterSeal 590) WATERPLUG® is a One-component, cement-based, fast-setting water-stop repair mortar.

2 Series in this Category

Series Description
MasterFlow Masterflow is a series of grout anchoring systems manufactured by BASF.
SikaGrout SikaGrout is a series of concrete and masonry grout systems manufactured by Sika.