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Horizontal Water Repellents

5 Products in this Category

Product Description
Enviroseal 20 (MaserProtect H 200) Clear, water-based 20% silane penetrating sealer.
Enviroseal 40 (MasterProtect H 400) Clear, water-based 40% silane penetrating sealer.
Hydrozo 100 Plus Sealer (MasterProtect H 1001) Hydrozo 100 Plus Sealer is a Clear, penetrating water, oil and stain repellent sealer.
Hydrozo 100 Sealer (MasterProtect H 1000) Hydrozo 100 Sealer is a High-performance, clear, 100% silane penetrating sealer.
Hydrozo Silane 40 VOC (MasterProtect H 440 HZ) Hydrozo Clear 40 VOC is a Clear, solvent-based, VOC-compliant, silane penetrating sealer.

3 Series in this Category

Series Description
Enviroseal (MasterProtect) Enviroseal is a series of concrete sealers manufactured by BASF.
Hydrozo (MasterProtect)
MasterProtect MasterProtect® Solutions for concrete protection