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Latex & Additives

4 Products in this Category

Product Description
Acryl 60 (MasterEmaco A 660) Water-based acrylic bonding and modifying admixture
Polymer Liquid (MasterEmaco A 400) Polymer Liquid is a Acrylic-polymer modifier for MBT® Protection and Repair mortars.
Sika Intraplast-N Sika Intraplast N is an Expanding / Fluidifying Grouting Aid.
SikaLatex® R SikaLatex® R Acrylic latex bonding agent and admixture for portland-cement mortar and concrete.

2 Series in this Category

Series Description
MasterEmaco MasterEmaco - Solutions for concrete repair from BASF.
SikaLatex SikaLatex is a series of acrylic latex bonding agents and admixtures manufactured by Sika.