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Specialty Concrete Repair

12 Products in this Category

Product Description
Acryl 60 (MasterEmaco A 660) Water-based acrylic bonding and modifying admixture
Armatec 110 Sika Armatec 110 EpoCem is a 3-component, solvent-free, moisture-tolerant, epoxy-modified, cementitious
Concresive LPL Liquid (MasterEmaco ADH 326) Concresive® Liquid LPL is a two-component 100% solids liquid epoxy bonding adhesive. It is designed for application in warm environments or applications requiring a long working time.
Concresive LPL Paste (MasterEmaco ADH 327) Concresive® Paste LPL is a two-component 100% solids nonsag epoxy adhesive. It is used for vertical and overhead bonding and patching applications and for anchoring.
Emaco P24 (MasterEmaco P 124) Water-based epoxy-cementitious agent and rebar coatng.
Sikadur 30 Sikadur 30 is a High-modulus, high-strength, structural epoxy paste adhesive for use with Sika CarboDur® reinforcement.
Sikadur® 31, Hi-Mod Gel Sikadur® 31, Hi-Mod Gel High-modulus, high-strength, structural, epoxy paste adhesive.
Sikadur® 32, Hi-Mod Sikadur 32 Hi-Mod is a High-modulus, high-strength, epoxy bonding/grouting adhesive.
Sonolastic Primer 770 (MasterSeal P 220) Sonolastic Primer 770 is a primer used with the Sonoguard Traffic Coating System.
Sonolastic Primer 772 (MasterSeal P 222) Sonolastic Primer 772 is a primer used with the Sonoguard Traffic Coating Systems
Thorobond (MasterProtect P 110) Thorobond is a product manufactured by BASF.
Zincrich Rebar Primer (MasterProtect P 8100 AP) ZINCRICH REBAR PRIMER One-component zinc-rich epoxy primer for steel reinforcement.

5 Series in this Category

Series Description
MasterEmaco MasterEmaco - Solutions for concrete repair from BASF.
MasterProtect MasterProtect® Solutions for concrete protection
Sikacem Sikacem is a series of hardening, accelerating admixture for cementitous concretes, mortars and grouts manufactured by Sika.
SikaFix SikaFix is a series of concrete and mortar repair systems manufactured by Sika.
SikaTop SikaTop is a series of two-component, polymer-modified, cementitious morter systems manufactured by Sika.