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Vertical Concrete Coatings

13 Products in this Category

Product Description
Sikagard® 550W Elastocolor Sikagard® 550W Elastocolor is a High performance, anti-carbonation, crack-bridging coating.
Sikagard® 62 Sikagard® 62 is a High-build, protective, solvent-free, colored epoxy coating.
Sikagard® 670W Sikagard® 670W is a Water dispersed, acrylic, protective, anti-carbonation coating
Sikagard® 701W Sikagard® 701W is a Solvent-free siloxane emulsion concentrate.
SikaTop® 144 SikaTop® 144 is a Polymer-modified portland-cement coating
SikaTop® Seal 107 SikaTop® Seal 107 is a Flexible, waterproofing and protective slurry mortar.
Super Colorcoat VOC (MasterProtect HB 300 SB) SUPER COLORCOATâ„¢ VOC Waterborne, decorative waterproof coating.
Thorocoat (MasterProtect HB 400) Thorocoat waterproofs, protects, and decorates building exteriors while allowing them to breathe.
THOROLASTIC® (MasterProtect EL 750) THOROLASTIC® is a Water-based, 100% acrylic, elastomeric, waterproof coating.
THOROLASTIC® A+ (MasterProtect EL 750 AA) THOLASTIC® A+ is an Algae-resistant, water-based smooth 100% acrylic elastomeric waterproof coating.
Thoroseal Foundation Coating (MasterSeal 582) THOROSEAL® FOUNDATION COATING Waterproof cement-based coating for exterior below-grade concrete and masonry.
Thoroseal Plaster (MasterSeal 584) THOROSEAL® PLASTER MIX Cementitious waterproof coating for concrete, brick, and masonry.
Thoroseal Standard Gray/White (MasterSeal 581) THOROSEAL® Waterproof cement-based coating for concrete and masonry.

5 Series in this Category

Series Description
MasterProtect MasterProtect® Solutions for concrete protection
MasterSeal MasterSeal® solutions for waterproofing and sealing
Sikagard Sikagard is a series of waterproofing sealants desinged to accommodate movement manufactured by Sika.
Thorolastic (MasterProtect) Thorolastic is a series of acrylic coatings for exterior masonry and concrete manufactured by BASF.
Thoroseal (MasterSeal) Thoroseal is a series of cement-based waterproof coating for concrete and masonry manufactured by BASF.