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Featured Products by Ridgemoor Supply

12 Featured Products

Product Description
DT5+ Tuckpoint Blade The DT5+ soft bond blade is used to quickly remove mortar between brick and block.
Gold Crack Chasing Blade Crack chasing blade for cleaning, routing and repairing concrete.
GW Dri Disc GW2
GW Dri Disc Turbo
LW Dri Disc Turbo Turbo is for longer life and smoother finish (segment turbo) on concrete, masonry, stone and similar materials.
LW2 Dri Disk LW2 is for long life and smooth finish (double rim) on concrete,masonry, stone and similar materials
SD5+ Dri Disc SD5+ Dri Disc for green concrete.
TSD-S Dri Disc TSD-S 4" through 10" hard material blade.
TSD-T Dri Disc TSD-T is a fast, smooth cutting, stone, tile, brick, concrete, and masonry.
TXS-S Dri Disc TXS-S is a fast cut blade for concrete, brick, masonry, and stone.
Vari-Cut 12" 14" 16" General purpose, abrasive material blades
VH10 12" and 14" Maximum life concrete diamond blade.

6 Featured Series

Series Description
Conipur II (MasterSeal) Conipur II is a series of deck coating systems manufactured by BASF.
Sikaflex Sikaflex is a series of waterproofing sealants manufactured by Sika.
Sikasil Sikasil is a series of high performing silicone sealants and adhesives manufactured by Sika.
Sonoguard (MasterSeal) Sonoguard is a series of coating systems manufactured by BASF.
Sonolastic (MasterSeal) Sonolastic is a series of polyurethane sealants manufactured by BASF.
Sure Klean Sure Klean is a series of concrete and masonry cleaning systems manufactured by Prosoco.