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Barricoat-R is a water-based asphalt emulsion modified with a blend of synthetic rubbers and special additives. Barricoat-R is formulated to a thick consistency, so it will hang easily on vertical surfaces at high thickness. Barricoat-R is applied by roller or brush, and air-dries to a rubber-like consistency.

Barricoat-R is often used as an accessory product in the Barricoat-S Spray-Applied Waterproofing system. Barricoat-R can also be used as the principle membrane, and by itself performs as a waterproofing membrane and vapor barrier. Barricoat-R is for use on below-grade, vertical surfaces and can be applied directly to concrete, concrete masonry, polystyrene foam insulation board and many other common building materials. Barricoat-R plus MiraDRAIN® drainage composite are combined to form a complete, warranted foundation waterproofing system by CCW.


  • Creates a seamless membrane

  • Effectively coats rough and porous surfaces

  • Safe, non-flammable and low odor

  • Seals around fasteners

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