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CCW Miradri 860/861

Part of the CCW MiraDri series

CCW Miradri 860/861


CCW MiraDri ® 860/861

are self-adhering sheet membranes consisting of 56 mils (1.4 mm) of rubberized asphalt laminated to 4 mils (0.1 mm) of polyethylene to form a minimum 60-mil (1.5 mm) membrane. CCW MiraDRI 860 membrane is a summer-grade material, suitable for installations where the ambient temperature is 40°F (4.4°C) or above. CCW MiraDRI 861 should be used for applications between 25°F (-3.9°C) and 65°F (18°C). The combination of these two excellent waterproofing materials provides a high-performance, extremely durable waterproofing barrier.

CCW MiraDRI 860/861 membranes are used for vertical and horizontal waterproofing on structural foundation walls and decks. Below-grade foundation walls, tunnels, split slabs, plaza decks and parking decks are all areas where CCW MiraDRI 860/861 may be applied. CCW MiraDRI 860/861 also may be used in interior areas such as mechanical rooms, laboratories, kitchens and bathrooms. CCW MiraDRI 860/861 should be covered with either CCW 200V/300HV Protection Course, CCW Protection Board, or CCW MiraDRAIN® drainage composites.

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CCW Miradri 860/861 CCW Miradri 860/861 are self-adhering sheet membranes for below grade waterproofing.