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Masterflow 928

Part of the MasterFlow series

Masterflow 928

Masterflow® 928 grout

is a hydraulic cement-based mineral-aggregate grout with an extended working time. It is ideally suited for grouting machines or plates requiring precision load-bearing support. It can be placed from fluid to damp pack over a temperature range of 45 to 90° F (7 to 32° C). Masterflow® 928 grout meets the requirements of ASTM C 1107, Grades B and C, the Army Corp of Engineers’ CRD C 621, Grades B and C, at a fluid consistency over a 30-minute working time and ANSI/NSF 61 approved Suitable for use with potable water.



  • Where a nonshrink grout is required for maximum effective bearing area for optimum load transfer
  • Where high one-day and later-age compressive strengths are required
  • Nonshrink grouting of machinery and equipment, baseplates, soleplates; precast wall panels, beams, columns; curtain walls, concrete systems, other structural and nonstructural building members; anchor bolts, reinforcing bars, and dowel rods
  • Applications requiring a pumpable grout
  • Repairing concrete, including grouting voids and rock pockets
  • Marine applications
  • Freeze/thaw environments


  • Interior or exterior

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