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SET® 45 (MasterEmaco T 545)

SET® 45  (MasterEmaco T 545)


Set® 45 is a one-component magnesium phosphate-based patching and repair mortar. This concrete repair and anchoring material sets in approximately 15 minutes and takes rubber-tire traffic in 45 minutes. It comes in two formulations: Set® 45 Regular for ambient temperatures below 85° F (29° C) and Set® 45 Hot Weather for ambient temperatures ranging from 85 to 100° F (29 to 38° C).



  • Heavy industrial repairs

  • Dowel bar replacement

  • Concrete pavement joint repairs

  • Full-depth structural repairs

  • Setting of expansion device nosings

  • Bridge deck and highway overlays

  • Anchoring iron or steel bridge and balcony railings

  • Commercial freezer rooms

  • Truck docks

  • Parking decks and ramps

  • Airport runway-light installations


  • Horizontal and formed vertical or overhead surfaces

  • Indoor and outdoor applications

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