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Sewer Guard HBS 100 Epoxy (MasterProtect 100 CR)

Part of the Sewer Guard (MasterProtect) series

Sewer Guard® HBS 100 Epoxy Liner

is a 100% solids, sprayable, high-build chemical-resistant epoxy coating. It is used to provide resistance to hydrogen sulfide attack in the water and sewage – treatment industries. Sewer Guard® HBS 100 Epoxy Liner eliminates the need for prefabricated or cast-in-place manhole liners.



  • Applications requiring resistance to hydrogen sulfide

  • Rehabilitating manholes

  • Lining large diameter pipes

• Lift stations and pumping stations


  • Vertical and overhead surfaces

  • Nontraffic-bearing horizontal surfaces

  • Interior and exterior below grade


  • Concrete and masonry

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