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Sikadur® Combiflex® SG System

Part of the Sikadur series


High performance joint sealing system for construction, expansion and connection joints as well as for cracks. When fixed to the joint, allows irregular and high movement in more than one direction, while maintaining a high quality seal. The Sikadur Combiflex SG System consists of a modified flexible Polyolefin (FPO) waterproofing tape with advanced adhesion using Sikadur 31, Hi-Mod Gel (1:1 Mix Ratio).


Sealing system for expansion, construction and connection joints, as well as for cracks in:

  • Tunnels and culverts

  • Hydroelectric power plants

  • Sewage treatment plants

  • Basements

  • Water retaining structures and drinking water reservoirs

  • Around iron, steel and concrete pipes

  • Swimming pools

Sealing of:

  • Joints with extreme movement

  • Building sections where varying settlement is expected

  • Cracks

Repair/reinstatement of leaking joint sealing systems such as:

  • Waterbars

  • Joint sealants, etc.


  • Advanced adhesion, no activation of tape required

  • Easy to install

  • Suitable for both dry and damp concrete surfaces

  • UL Listed for potable water applications

  • Extremely flexible

  • Performs well within a wide range of temperatures

  • Excellent adhesion to many materials

  • Weather and water resistant

  • Approved for contact with potable water

  • Good resistance to many chemicals

  • Root resistant

  • Versatile system suitable for many difficult situations

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