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Sikagard® 670W

Part of the Sikagard series


Sikagard 670W is a water dispersed colored, acrylic, protective coating. Sikagard 670W prevents moisture ingress, is water vapor permeable and provides an excellent carbonation barrier. Where to Use Above grade, exterior application on buildings or civil engineering structures. It is designed to aesthetically enhance and protect concrete and other masonry substrates subject to normal hydrothermal movement. Protective, decorative seal coat for SikaColor and Sikadur Balcony Systems.


  • Easy to apply.

  • Extremely resistant to dirt pick-up and mildew.

  • Excellent resistance to carbon dioxide and other aggressive gas diffusion.

  • Excellent UV resistance.

  • Excellent weathering resistance.

  • Prevents ingress of chlorides.

  • Cost effective protection.

  • Vapor permeable; allows each way water vapor diffusion (breathable).

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