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SikaGrout® 212

Part of the SikaGrout series


SikaGrout 212 is a non-shrink, cementitious grout with a unique 2-stage shrinkage compensating mechanism. It is non-metallic and contains no chloride. With a special blend of shrinkage-reducing and plasticizing/water-reducing agents, SikaGrout 212 compensates for shrinkage in both the plastic and hardened states. A structural grout, SikaGrout 212 provides the advantage of multiple fluidity with a single component. SikaGrout 212 meets Corps of Engineers’ Specification CRD C-621 and ASTM C-1107 (Grade C).


  • Use for structural grouting of column base plates, machine base plates, anchor rods, bearing plates, etc.

  • Use on grade, above and below grade, indoors and out.

  • Multiple fluidity allows ease of placement: ram in place as a dry pack, trowel-apply as a medium flow, pour or pump as high flow.


  • Easy to use...just add water.

  • Multiple fluidity with one material.

  • Non-metallic, will not stain or rust.

  • Low bleed.

  • Low heat build-up.

  • Excellent for pumping: Does not segregate...even at high flow. No build-up on equipment hopper.

  • Non-corrosive, does not contain chlorides.

  • Superior freeze/thaw resistance.

  • Resistant to oil and water.

  • Meets CRD C-621.

  • Meets ASTM C-1107 (Grade C).

  • Shows positive expansion when tested in accordance with ASTM C-827.

  • SikaGrout 212 is USDA-approved.

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