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SikaGrout® 328

Part of the SikaGrout series


SikaGrout 328 is a non-shrink, cementitious precision grout powered by ViscoCrete technology. This grout provides extended working time and exceptional physical performance at fluid consistency. SikaGrout 328 is non metallic and contains no chlorides. A structural, precision grout, SikaGrout 328 can be placed from fluid to dry pack over a temperature range of 40°-95°F. SikaGrout 328 meets the ASTM-C 1107 (Grade B & C) and Corps of Engineers Specification CRD-C621.


  • Where exceptional one day and ultimate compressive strengths are required.

  • Applications requiring a pumpable grout.

  • Non-shrink grouting of machinery and equipment, base plates sole plates, precast panels, beams, columns and curtainwalls.

  • Applications where a non-shrink grout is needed for maximum effective bearing area to transfer optimum load.

  • For underwater application in conjunction with Sikament 100SC. Consult Technical Service for dosage information. Independent test data is available however on site testing is recommended to confirm performance under actual field conditions.

  • For grouting rebar, bolts, dowels and pins, etc.


  • Multiple fluidity with one material.

  • Reaches 10,000 psi in dry pack consistency.

  • Outstanding performance in fluid state.

  • Extended working time.

  • Excellent fluidity - sufficient time for placement.

  • Contains premium quality quartz aggregate.

  • Hardens free of segregation.

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