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SikaLatex® R

Part of the SikaLatex series


SikaLatex R is an acrylic-polymer latex. It is a non-reemulsifiable, general-purpose admixture to produce polymer-modified concrete and mortar. Where to Use n An admixture in mortar and concrete to improve adhesion, and achieve a denser surface.

  • Use in patching and flash coats. Use with stucco and terrazzo.

  • As a bonding grout when mixed with sand and portland cement.

  • For use with SikaRepair┬« to improve the mortar and increase the adhesion and performance.


  • Mortar and concrete containing SikaLatex R exhibit improved adhesion to prepared substrates.

  • Increased adhesive strength of mortar/concrete when used as a bonding agent or as a bonding grout.

  • Increased resistance to freeze/thaw durability.

  • Does not produce a vapor barrier.

  • USDA-approved.

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