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Sikasil®-N Plus US

Part of the Sikasil series

Sikasil®-N Plus US


SikasilĀ®-N Plus US is a general purpose, one-component, non-sag, elastomeric, 100% RTV neutral cure silicone sealant. Meets the requirements of ASTM C-920, Type S, Grade NS, Class 25, Use NT, T, M, G, A, O; TT-S-00230C, Type II, Class A; TT-S-001543A, Class A; CAN/CGSB- 19.13-M87, AAMA 802.3 Type II, AAMA 803.3, AAMA 805.2, AAMA 808.3 and California Air Resources Board 2003 requirements for Volatile Organic Compound content.


  • Extremely long service life

  • Excellent flexibility for dynamic joint movement

  • Bonds to most substrates without priming

  • Ready to use, no mixing required

  • AAMA Certified component for window backbedding / glazing

  • All season ease of application


  • Window and door fabrication

  • Conventional glazing

  • Back bedding and cap, toe and heel beads

  • Perimeter sealing of windows, doors and skylights

  • Expansion and control joints

  • HVAC, White goods assembly

  • Kitchen and bath countertops/solid surfaces, Sanitary Seals

  • Marine cabins

  • Truck/trailer/auto/RV

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