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Enviroseal (MasterProtect)

Enviroseal (MasterProtect)

EnvirosealĀ® is a clear, water-based silane/siloxane sealer for protecting a wide variety of vertical surfaces. It provides a cost-effective solution for protecting substrates from water and the elements.

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Master Builders Solutions by BASF
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5 Products in this Series

Product Description
Enviroseal 20 (MaserProtect H 200) Clear, water-based 20% silane penetrating sealer.
Enviroseal 40 (MasterProtect H 400) Clear, water-based 40% silane penetrating sealer.
Enviroseal 7 (MasterProtect H 107) Water-based silane/siloxane water-repellent sealer.
Enviroseal Double 7 for Brick High-performance, water-based, silane/siloxane water-repellent sealer.
Enviroseal PBT Sealer (MasterProtect H 185) High-performance, water-based, patented silane/siloxane blended water-repellent sealer for lightweight block