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Master Builders Solutions by BASF

The Building Systems business of the BASF Corporation believes in and supports the movement to improve not only the quality of new construction, but also the performance of our communities’ existing building stock. As the premier provider of solutions to the building and construction industry, our flexible product offering and knowledgeable representatives are essential.

97 Products by this Supplier

Product Description
10-60 Rapid Mortar (MasterEmaco T 1060) 10-60 Rapid Mortar is a one component shrinkage-compensated very rapid-setting cement-based mortar manufactured by BASF.
10-61 Rapid Mortar (MasterEmaco T 1061) 10-61 Rapid Mortar is a one-component shrinkage compensated cement-based mortar with an extended working time manufactured by BASF.
Acryl 60 (MasterEmaco A 660) Water-based acrylic bonding and modifying admixture
Closed Cell Backer Rod and Soft Cell Backer Rod Sonolastic® Closed-Cell Backer-Rod is a closed-cell, polyethylene foam joint-filler and backing for elastomeric sealants.
Concresive 1210 IUG Ultra low-viscosity polyurethane injection
Concresive LPL Liquid (MasterEmaco ADH 326) Concresive® Liquid LPL is a two-component 100% solids liquid epoxy bonding adhesive. It is designed for application in warm environments or applications requiring a long working time.
Concresive LPL Paste (MasterEmaco ADH 327) Concresive® Paste LPL is a two-component 100% solids nonsag epoxy adhesive. It is used for vertical and overhead bonding and patching applications and for anchoring.
Concresive SPL paste (MasterEmaco ADH 328 RS) Concrete bonding adhesive with short pot life.
Concresive Standard LVI (MasterInject 1500) COncresive Standard LVI is a low-viscosity epoxy adhesive
Conipur 265 Base Coat (MasterSeal M 265) Conipur 265-Z Base Coat is a product for the Conipur II Deck Membrane System.
Conipur 275 Top Coat (Masterseal TC 275) Conipur 275 Top Coat is a top coat for the Conipur II deck Coating system.
Conipur 295 Top Coat UV (MasterSeal TC 295) 100% solids, aliphatic, polyurethane topcoat for the Conipur II traffic deck coating system.
Conipur 78 Primer (MasterSeal P 255) CONIPUR® 78 PRIMER, a two component polyurethane-based adhesive primer
Construction Grout (MasterFlow 100) General construction, mineral-aggregate, non-shrink grout.
Emaco CP Intact Galvanic Anodes Embedded galvanic anode for the protection of reinforcing steel
Emaco P24 (MasterEmaco P 124) Water-based epoxy-cementitious agent and rebar coatng.
Emaco R300 CI (MasterEmaco N 300 CI) Surface-renovation mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor
Emaco R310 CI (MasterEmaco T 310 CI) One-component flowable repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor.
Emaco R350 CI (MasterEmaco N 350 CI) Polymer-modified lightweight vertical and overhead repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibito.r.
Emaco R400 Architectural (MasterEmaco N 427) Smooth patching mortar for architectural concrete
Emaco S66 CI (MasterEmaco S 466 CI) Flowable structural-repair concrete with integral corrosion inhibitor
Emaco S77 CI (MasterEmaco S 477 CI) Flowable, structural repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor
Emaco S88 CI (MasterEmaco S 488 CI) Sprayable, fiber-reinforced structural repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor
Emaco T-415 Repair Mortar (MasterEmaco T 415) Emaco® T415 repair mortar is one-component high-performance cementitious product.
Emaco T-430 Repair Mortar (MasterEmaco T 430) Rapid-strength repair mortar with extended working time.
Embeco 885 Grout (MasterFlow 885) High-precision, nonshrink metallic-aggregate grout with extended working time
Enviroseal 20 (MaserProtect H 200) Clear, water-based 20% silane penetrating sealer.
Enviroseal 40 (MasterProtect H 400) Clear, water-based 40% silane penetrating sealer.
Enviroseal 7 (MasterProtect H 107) Water-based silane/siloxane water-repellent sealer.
Enviroseal Double 7 for Brick High-performance, water-based, silane/siloxane water-repellent sealer.
Enviroseal PBT Sealer (MasterProtect H 185) High-performance, water-based, patented silane/siloxane blended water-repellent sealer for lightweight block
Gel Patch (MasterEmaco N 425) Nonsag concrete repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor for vertical and overhead applications.
Gold Label Loop Sealant (MasterSeal SL 180) Gold Label Loop Sealant is a Polyester traffic-detector loop sealant.
HB2 Repair Mortar (MasterEmaco N 400) HB2 Repair Mortar is a Polymer-modified high-build repair mortar with integral corrossion inhibitor.
HBA Repair Mortar (MasterEmaco N 400 RS) HBA Repair Mortar is a rapid-setting polymer-modified high-build repair mortar.
HLM 5000 (MasterSeal HLM 5000) Liquid, cold-applied elastomeric waterproofing membrane system.
Hydrocide 700B (MasterSeal 615) Hydrocide 600, 700, 700B are waterborne emulsified-asphalt dampproofing compounds.
Hydrozo 100 Plus Sealer (MasterProtect H 1001) Hydrozo 100 Plus Sealer is a Clear, penetrating water, oil and stain repellent sealer.
Hydrozo 100 Sealer (MasterProtect H 1000) Hydrozo 100 Sealer is a High-performance, clear, 100% silane penetrating sealer.
Hydrozo Clear 40 VOC (MasterProtect H 440 VT) Hydrozo Clear 40 VOC is a Clear, solvent-based, VOC-compliant, silane water repellent sealer.
Hydrozo Silane 40 VOC (MasterProtect H 440 HZ) Hydrozo Clear 40 VOC is a Clear, solvent-based, VOC-compliant, silane penetrating sealer.
Kure-N-Seal 25LV (MasterKure CC 250 SB) KURE-N-SEAL™ 25 LV Low-viscosity, transparent, solvent-based, acrylic curing, sealing and dustproofing compound.
Kure-N-Seal 30 (MasterKure CC 300 SB) Kure-N-Seal 30 is a Transparent, acrylic, solvent-based and high-gloss curing, sealing, and dustproofing compound.
Kure-N-Seal W (MasterKure CC 200 WB) KURE-N-SEAL™ W Transparent acrylic water-based curing,sealing, and dustproofing compound.
Kure-N-Seal WB (MasterKure CC 160 WB) KURE-N-SEAL™ WB Waterborne, acrylic, and transparent curing,sealing and dustproofing compound.
Kure-N-Seal™ VOC (MasterKure CC 180 WB) Kure-N-Seal™ is a Waterborne acrylic curing, sealing, and dustproofing compound.
LA 40 Repair Mortar (MasterEmaco S 440 MC) LA 40 Repair Mortar is a Pourable and pumpable pre-extended micro concrete.
LA40 PMAC REPAIR MORTAR (MasterEmaco S 440 CI) LA40 PMAC is a One-component, polymer modified, pourable/pumpable, pre-extended micro concrete with integral corrosion inhibitor.
Lapidolith (MasterKure HD 310 WB) Lapidolith is a Concrete hardener and dustproofer.
Masterflow 555 Grout Masterflow® 555 Semi-fluid, nonshrink mineral-aggregate grout.
Masterflow 648 CP Grout (MasterFlow 640) MASTERFLOW® 648 CP High-Strength Foundation Grout
Masterflow 648 CP Plus Grout Kit (MasterFlow 648) Masterflow 648 CP Plus Grout Kit High-strength, high-temperature, high-flow epoxy grout.
Masterflow 928 MASTERFLOW® 928 High-precision mineral-aggregate grout with extended working time.
MasterSeal® NP 100™ MasterSeal® NP 100™ is a high performance hybrid sealant.
MBrace CF 160 MBRACE® CF 160 Unidirectional high strength carbon fiber fabric for the MBrace® Composite Strengthening System.
Mbrace Primer MBRACE® PRIMER Low viscosity epoxy primer for the MBrace® Composite Strengthening System.
MBrace Putty MBRACE® PUTTY High viscosity epoxy paste for the MBrace® Composite Strengthening System.
MBrace Saturant MBrace® Saturant Epoxy encapsulation resin for the MBrace® Composite Strengthening System.
MBRACE® CF 130 Carbon Fiber Wrap MBRACE® CF 130 Unidirectional high strength carbon fiber fabric for the MBrace® Composite Strengthening System
MBRACE® EG 900 Glass Fiber Wrap MBRACE® EG 900 Unidirectional E-glass fiber fabric for the MBrace® Composite Strengthening System.
MBRACE® S&P LAMINATE MBRACE® S&P LAMINATE High strength carbon fiber laminate for theMBrace® Composite Strengthening System.
Nitoprime 60 (MasterEmaco P 160) Nitoprime 60 is a Penetrating epoxy sealer.
NP 2/SL 2 Color Pack (MasterSeal 900) Sonolastic NP 2 Color Pack is a product used for tinting Sonolastic multi-component sealants.
NP2/SL2 Accelerator (MasterSeal 905) Sonolastic NP 2 Accelerator is a product used in Sonolastic Multi-component sealants.
Polymer Liquid (MasterEmaco A 400) Polymer Liquid is a Acrylic-polymer modifier for MBT® Protection and Repair mortars.
Primer 733/766 (MasterSeal P 173/176) SONOLASTIC® PRIMER 733 AND PRIMER 766 Primers for Sonolastic® sealants.
SET® 45 (MasterEmaco T 545) SET® 45 AND SET® 45 HW is a Chemical-action repair mortar.
Sewer Guard HBS 100 Epoxy (MasterProtect 100 CR) SEWER GUARD® HBS 100 EPOXY LINER is a Sprayable chemical-resistant epoxy coating.
Shotpatch 21 SHOTPATCH® 21 is Silica-fume-enhanced structural wet- or dry-process shotcrete
SHOTPATCH® 21F (MasterEmaco S 210 SP) SHOTPATCH® 21F is a Fiber-reinforced, silica-fume-enhanced structural wet-or-dry- process shotcrete.
SL 2 Self Leveling/ Slope Grade (MasterSeal SL 2) SONOLASTIC® SL 2™ Multi-component self-leveling polyurethane sealant.
Sonoguard Adhesion Promoter (MasterSeal 915) Sonoguard Adhesion Promoter is a primer used with the Sonoguard Traffic Coating Systems
Sonoguard Aggregate (MasterSeal 941) Sonoguard Aggregate is a product manufactured by BASF.
Sonoguard Base Coat (MasterSeal M 200) Sonoguard Base Coat is a a one component, moisture-curing polyurethane waterproofing for the SONOGUARD® Traffic Coating System.
Sonoguard Top Coat (MasterSeal TC 225) SONOGUARD® TOP COAT is a onecomponent aliphatic moisture-curing polyurethane.
Sonoguard Top Coat Tint Base (MasterSeal TC 225) Sonoguard Top Coat Tint Base consisting of 40 standard colors, (see Form No. 1017936). For projects requiring primer, two choices are available.
Sonolastic 150 VLM (MasterSeal NP 150) SONOLASTIC® 150 with VLM Technology Very low-modulus, nonsag, elastomeric, silyl-terminated polyether (hybrid) sealant.
Sonolastic Clear 25 (MasterSeal NP 125) SONOLASTIC® CLEAR 25™ One-component, clear, elastomeric, gun-grade thermoplastic roofing sealant and tile adhesive.
Sonolastic NP 1 (MasterSeal NP 1) MasterSeal® NP 1™ is a one-component, high-performance, non-priming, gun-grade, elastomeric polyurethane sealant manufactured by BASF.
Sonolastic NP 2 (MasterSeal NP 2) SONOLASTIC® NP 2™ Multiple-component high-performance polyurethane sealant.
Sonolastic Primer 770 (MasterSeal P 220) Sonolastic Primer 770 is a primer used with the Sonoguard Traffic Coating System.
Sonolastic Primer 772 (MasterSeal P 222) Sonolastic Primer 772 is a primer used with the Sonoguard Traffic Coating Systems
Sonolastic SL 1 (MasterSeal SL 1) SONOLASTIC® SL 1™ is a One-component elastomeric, self-leveling polyurethane sealant.
Sonolastic TX-1 (MasterSeal TX 1) SONOLASTIC® TX 1 One-component, texturized, moisture-curing, gun-grade elastomeric polyurethane sealant
SP-10 Shotcrete SP10 SHOTCRETE is a Microsilica-enhanced, economical, dry-process shotcrete
SP-15 Spray Mortar (MasterEmaco S 487 SP) SP15 SPRAY MORTAR is a Fiber-reinforced wet spray mortar for below-grade applications.
Super Colorcoat VOC (MasterProtect HB 300 SB) SUPER COLORCOAT™ VOC Waterborne, decorative waterproof coating.
Thorobond (MasterProtect P 110) Thorobond is a product manufactured by BASF.
Thorocoat (MasterProtect HB 400) Thorocoat waterproofs, protects, and decorates building exteriors while allowing them to breathe.
THOROLASTIC® (MasterProtect EL 750) THOROLASTIC® is a Water-based, 100% acrylic, elastomeric, waterproof coating.
THOROLASTIC® A+ (MasterProtect EL 750 AA) THOLASTIC® A+ is an Algae-resistant, water-based smooth 100% acrylic elastomeric waterproof coating.
Thoroseal Foundation Coating (MasterSeal 582) THOROSEAL® FOUNDATION COATING Waterproof cement-based coating for exterior below-grade concrete and masonry.
Thoroseal Plaster (MasterSeal 584) THOROSEAL® PLASTER MIX Cementitious waterproof coating for concrete, brick, and masonry.
Thoroseal Standard Gray/White (MasterSeal 581) THOROSEAL® Waterproof cement-based coating for concrete and masonry.
TRAFFICGUARD® EP35 (MasterSeal 350) TRAFFICGUARD® EP35 Rapid-setting, skid-resistant epoxy-based concrete overlay system.
Waterplug (MasterSeal 590) WATERPLUG® is a One-component, cement-based, fast-setting water-stop repair mortar.
Zincrich Rebar Primer (MasterProtect P 8100 AP) ZINCRICH REBAR PRIMER One-component zinc-rich epoxy primer for steel reinforcement.

21 Series by this Supplier

Series Description
Conipur II (MasterSeal) Conipur II is a series of deck coating systems manufactured by BASF.
Enviroseal (MasterProtect) Enviroseal is a series of concrete sealers manufactured by BASF.
Hydrocide (MasterSeal) Hydrocide is a series of dampproofing and vapor-retarding coatings systems manufactured by BASF.
Hydrozo (MasterProtect)
Kure-N-Seal (MasterKure) Kure-N-Seal is a series of sprayable concrete sealers manufactured by BASF.
Mastercron (MasterTop) Mastercron is a series of ready-to-use cementitious surface hardeners manufactured by BASF.
MasterEmaco MasterEmaco - Solutions for concrete repair from BASF.
MasterFlow Masterflow is a series of grout anchoring systems manufactured by BASF.
MasterInject Concresive is a series of concrete adhesives manufactured by BASF.
MasterProtect MasterProtect® Solutions for concrete protection
MasterSeal MasterSeal® solutions for waterproofing and sealing
Mastertop Mastertop is a series of flooring systems manufactured by BASF.
Mbrace Mbrace is a series of composite strengthening systems manufactured by BASF.
Sewer Guard (MasterProtect) Sewer Guard is a series of epoxy liners manufactured by BASF.
Shotpatch (MasterEmaco) Shotpatch is a series of cement-based shotcrete manufactured by BASF.
Sonoguard (MasterSeal) Sonoguard is a series of coating systems manufactured by BASF.
Sonolastic (MasterSeal) Sonolastic is a series of polyurethane sealants manufactured by BASF.
Thorolastic (MasterProtect) Thorolastic is a series of acrylic coatings for exterior masonry and concrete manufactured by BASF.
Thoroseal (MasterSeal) Thoroseal is a series of cement-based waterproof coating for concrete and masonry manufactured by BASF.
Zero-C (MasterEmaco) Zero-C is a series of concrete and masonry repair systems manufactured by BASF.